About Me

https://pixlr.com/editor/Hi, I am Sherry W. Webster, and welcome to my simple food blog. This may be a typical food blog that you read from other food related websites on the internet but one thing I wanna be distinguishable from the rest - I wanna make it sure that the one that I will be publishing are meals or any recipes that carefully chosen for you.

That is why this blog of mine is named Mindful Meals Blog, because all of the meals that you are going to see published on this website are mindfully made and prepared to ensure that the meal will not only be tasteful but as much as possible, healthy to consume.

I hope you will going to love my food blog and if you want something published on my site, as long as it is food related, then feel free to contact me through the contact form of this site or email me directly on my personal email: sherry@mindfulmealsblog.com.