September Updates + Mindful Eating Guide

September is one of my favorite months. It’s in-between summer and fall, so there are warm days and brisk fall days. The leaves start to change, the leaf-peepers come to check out the gorgeous fall foliage in Vermont. With my long commute, I’ve seen the leaves change from week-to-week. It really is incredible.

A new season brings new local, seasonal produce as well. This month, I went apple picking, and I was thrilled when I saw the first winter squash popping up at the farmer’s market. There’s so many varieties of both apples and squash to try it, but my favorites are honeycrisp and gala apples and kabocha squash!

Kabocha Squash


Mindful Eating Guide

On dock for Mindful Meals next is a Mindful Eating Guide. I’m working on it now, but I’ll keep you updated on when it will be available and what will be included in it. The guide will include:

  • Reasons to eat mindfully
  • Research behind mindful eating
  • Who can benefit from mindful eating (Hint: everyone!)
  • Mindful eating exercises to practice (similar to Mindful Meals Tips)
  • Worksheets and journal prompts for mindful eating practice
  • Resources – Books, blogs, and more that promote mindful eating

If you’re interested in this guide, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter on the sidebar or HERE to be in the loop with updates! Let me know what you want to see in the guide.

September in photos:

Colchester sunset Gardening Fall in VT Purple cauliflower Arya dog park yoga mountain view

  1. Morning walk sunrise at Lake Champlain
  2. My first adventures in local, seasonal veggies
  3. Fall foliage in Vermont
  4. Gorgeous purple cauliflower at Burlington Farmer’s Market
  5. Arya’s doggy date at the dog park with Jack the Jack Russell
  6. Sunny outdoor yoga with a mountain view

Links I Love

Recipes to Try

Recent Mindful Meals Posts

What was your favorite moment in September? Any links or recipes you want to share?

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  1. Josie says

    Hi Lauren! Just had to say “hi” and post my comment here. I’m happy to have found your blog today, and read about your mindful eating philosophy, which I completely resonate with. Eating is such an integrated part of our being, starting before we were born. I enjoy those links too… they are exactly what I would be interested to read! :) Beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous place you live in Vermont!

    • Lauren says

      Thank you, Josie! I really appreciate the blog love, and yes, VT is beautiful. I saw you were a #rd2be on Twitter. Let me know if you have any questions about internships, etc.

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