How to ENJOY Food (without deprivation!)

4 Simple Ways to ENJOY Food (without deprivation!)

You might have heard this saying before: “Create healthy habits, not restrictions.” It’s my favorite. Being new to the nutrition field and a soon to be Registered Dietitian, I resort back to this quote more times then I can even count. I cannot express how many times I’ve heard people say to me, “ You…

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2014 Reflection, Rituals, Lessons, & Celebration

2014: Reflection Rituals, Lessons, & Celebration!

I don’t set grandiose New Year’s resolutions and goals (anymore), and I’ll be sharing my process for creating simple yet powerful INTENTIONS for the New Year. The week between Christmas and New Year’s seems like time to relax and rest before the energy of the New Year starts up. Of course, I’ve been spending it…

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The power of restorative yoga to feel good in your body

The Power of Restorative Yoga to Feel Good in your Body

Lately, I’ve been easing into slow + strong and restorative yoga. When I first started yoga, I was all about power yoga. It was my ‘cross-training’ on my days off from running, and while I got a good stretch in my legs, it was anything but a break for the many miles I was running. Now,…

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