The Movement Revolution: 5 Ways to Find Body Love + Connection

The Movement Revolution: 5 ways to find body love & connection

There’s nothing more freeing or creative for me than moving my body in a way that FEELS. SO. GOOD. A yoga flow outside in the grass in the sunshine. A technology-free run on trails. Hiking to the top of gorgeous mountains, surrounded by nature. None of this feels like “exercise” to me. I’m not slaving…

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Why I Write Self-Expression + Changing the Food Conversation

Why I Write: Self-Expression + Changing the Food Conversation

The lovely Helen at Food & Nonsense (who by the way lives in my dream vacation – Bali) tagged me to share Why I Write. I’ve seen this pop up on other blogger’s sites, and I’m so curious to see other’s thoughts about writing. Writing is such a personal things, and it takes huge courage to…

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